TomSka vs. OREO is a special sketch, which is for a submission of the Play with OREO campaign made as an "anti-commercial" made by TomSka. The video features YouTuber Hazel Hayes.

How it goes

The sketch starts with the Turbo Punch Ltd. logo. It then cuts to Tom drinking coffee with "TomSka & Hazel in Play with Oreo" with a little theme song, which cuts to an airhorn noise with text that says "SPONSORED BY OREO" in all caps. Hazel then comes in, telling Tom she wants to show something. She then uses her "Oreo Powers" and turns a rubber ducky into an Oreo cookie. In awe, Tom tells Hazel to do the thing again. Then a montage starts with the song "Oreos and Two Best Friends." It ends when Ben greets them and Hazel accidentaly turns him into Oreos. In panic, they try to hide the now-Oreo Ben, in form of another montage. After-- (WIP NOT FINISHED)