A photo of Tom from 2012

Thomas "Tomska" James Ridgewell is a British YouTuber.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born on June 27, 1990 to two then-26-year-old Jehovah's Witnesses.[1][2] He was originally going to be named "Dudley", but his parents decided to name him "Thomas" after his twin sister, Amelia, died in his Mother's womb during a car crash. Thomas was raised a Jehovah's Witness, but he no longer holds his faith.[3] He is of English, Scottish, Irish, Russian-Jewish, Ukrainian-Jewish and German descent.

Ridgewell graduated from the University of Lincoln, where he created a series of unofficial "advertisements" for the university.


Shortly after the passing of Edd Gould, Ridgewell started Eddsworld: Legacy, a donation campaign attempting to keep Edds's legacy going. Ridgewell passed to Edd's family in 2016.



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