Salon Shootout

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Tom is sent to investigate a salon in a special op on his holo-phone. Walking into the salon, he sits down, asking for a haircut. He speaks in an alien language, asking, "Do you have any plans this weekend?" His hairdresser lets slip that she's going for world domination, in the same language. Tom instantly stands up and pulls out a gun, shooting the alien after some macho speak. Several of the other alien employees attack Tom, opening fire with hairdryer lasers. Tom shoots one of the aliens, and crawls over to her laser. He then uses a fan laser burst to kill the other aliens. Discarding the laser, he walks past an alien, who throws several scissors at Tom. Tom uses a board to block three of the scissors, but another sticks into his shoulder. The alien throws another scissor, but it lands in the barrel of Tom's pistol. Looking at it, Tom shrugs, and fires the scissor. It kills the alien, but Jenny steps out, pulling out a laser. They fight for a few moments, and then Tom kicks Jenny and slices her neck off. Tom then exits the salon. <--- The video