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Ritalin'd is a film involving Tom and Bing. It features the duo taking ritalin after Tom finds his new film too hard to write.


Tom runs out of ideas while writing asdf movie 3 so Bing suggests taking drugs, but the only ones he has is ritalin. The film the goes on to show a poorly animated version of asdf movie 3.

A man asks his wife what she had put in his salad, and she tells him she put explosives in the salad. He then says that the salad is nice, and the world explodes.

A man goes up to a cactus to say hello but is the cactus proceeds to steal all the man's money.

One person compliments a man on his mustache. The man with the mustache says "thank you" and flies away.

Somebody makes a sandwich, but then a man comes up and slaps it. He then tells the man that he sucks.

One man decides to phone his friend, then when his friend answers the phone, the two start screaming at each other then hang up.

As the movie finishes, a shot shows Tom eating the drugs while Bing lies unconscious on the table.


  • Tom is wearing a top saying 'I never liked Tord anyway' this refers to Tord who previously appeared in many of Edd Gould's animations.
  • Spamcat is seen briefly at the end of the video.
  • At the end of the video, there is a message saying 'I killed all my sea monkeys'.
  • The ritalins were actually tic tacs.