Tim and gun


Richard Elders

Richard Elders is a friend and colleague of Tom, he has appeared in some of Tom's cakebomb episodes. He likes playing Halo on the Xbox, which is what he nearly always seems to do during cakebomb videos and he has a stash of 6 Xbox's in a cupboard.


Richard plays Halo during the start of Standoffish, when his character is killed he pulls a FN P-90 out at Tom because he was supposed to be covering him. He then aimed the gun at Beth when she said she was vegan.

In Bodyguard, the guard destroys one of Richards Xbox's when Richard tells Tom do the washing up. In response to this, Richard gets another one out of the cupboard while muttering about how many Xbox's the guard has broken and continues playing Halo.

He and Tom start shooting his homework when he can't do it. (Always the answer)

Tom Blinds Richard with a laser pointer while he is playing on the Xbox (Laser Pointer)

He plays Halo in his room during the events of Spun

In the fictional version of Rad Party, he phones up his girlfriend telling her she is the inspiration for his life. In reality he phones her up saying she ruined it.

Richard ends up getting shot by snipers when he tries to use Bown's phone to call 999, and the speaker gave him away. (Pinned Down)

He is trying to play Xbox during Sitcom Strikes Back, but ends up being edited repeatedly.

Tomska's Day out

In Tomska's day out 4 the group come across him in the street. In the games shop, he tells Tom Halo reach is awesome. he buys Emma's birthday from the market, but then see's her looking at it as soon as he leaves. While Bing is preparing the barbeque, Richard dials 999 into his phone just in case.


He plays a police officer in Lifehack who arrests the kidnapper of the young girl.