Tom warns Dean of the needles

Created by



Tom Ridgewell
Dean Dodds
Jack Howard


Jack Howard

Sound and make up

Chloe Dungate

Needles is a film created by TomSka, it features Jack and Dean from OMFGItsJack&Dean. Tom decides to fill the kitchen with razer-sharp needles to catch somebody he calls 'the time stopper'


Dean walks into the kitchen when Tom suddenly yells at him to stop. Tom explains that he has filled the room with tiny, razer-sharp needles in order to catch 'The Time Stopper' who has been messing with him for four hours. He tells Dean that the time stopper did the washing up, but not the way he likes it done. Dean tries to leave, but is stabbed by a needle, when he asks Tom how he hasn't been stabbed, he explains that he used Trial and Error, mostly error. Dean then tells Tom that it was him to do the washing up. Tom argues that the time stopper stole his sandwich, but Dean tells him the sandwich is in his hand, Tom then says he stole the remote, but Dean then reveals that Tom had put the remote in his sandwich. He tells Dean he feels quite stupid now, and that the needles were really expensive. Suddenly, the time stopper comes out of nowhere to steal Tom's sandwich, but is impaled by all the needles and is severly wounded. Tom then shouts triumphantly 'I bloody knew it!'


  • Tom only likes the way the washing up is done if the plates has been shot to pieces, then blames this on being poorly raised
  • This is the second thing Tom finds that violence is the answer for, the first is homework, which he also shoots (Always The Answer)
  • The time stopper is Jack Howard