Musical Suicide
Musical Suicide

Musical Suicide


Thomas Ridgewell and Mandy Hynes

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Musical Suicide is a comedy sketch written and directed by Thomas Ridgewell, starring himself, Mandy Hynes and the voice of Jennifer Bingham. It is a sketch about a girl about to jump off a building while Tom persuades her not to.


Tom: Darling, stop!
Girl: I'm gonna jump!
Tom: Don't do it! I'm sorry, I blew it.
Girl: It's too little, too late.
Tom: NO!
Girl: You can't change my fate.
Ton: Please!
Girl: I'll leave you, and this whole cruel world behind...permanentlyyyyy!
Tom: Please, don't throw it all away!
Girl: Why should I stay?
Tom: I swear I'll never leave, I'll never stray!
Girl: You never behave.
Tom: I promise I'll never leave you for another!
Girl: I've heard it before!
Tom: And I'm sorry that I shot your brother.
Girl: I don't recall..
Tom: Please take me back, I swear I'll make this work!
Girl: You always say things like that, and then you treat me like a jerk. When it comes to love, you come first.
Tom: I have a condition!
Girl: It's too late, you'll never change, you're the worst!
Tom: I can change, I can positions!
Girl: If I die, you'll know the pain I feel inside! You'll suffer the way I did when you lied.
Tom: Don't do it!
Girl: Goodbye!
Tom: WAIT!! I.. I love you..
Girl: ....... I love you t-
Tom: WOW, I don't know you.
Girl: ...
Tom: Sorry I thought with.. The hair and.. I'm gonna go.