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Mine Turtle
Mine Turtle


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Mine Turtle (Sciencey name: Mea Turtur) is an animal bomb which appeared in asdfmovie5 three times, asdfmovie6 once and another apperance in the deleted scenes video released in 2013. It looks like a normal tortoise, but it has a button on it's shell. When the button is pushed, mine turtle blows up... with everyone being near it.  Until the Mine Turtle (Song) where the Mine Turtle said "Technically I'm a tortoise," the only thing the Mine Turtle says is "Hello!" often when the button is pushed.  


Mine turtle appears for many times in asdfmovie5, where a man says hello to him. The Mine Turtle replies hello to him and the man steps on it. Then Mine Turtle blows up with him. Later, a small girl shows the Mine Turtle, laying on her hands, to her mom. The Mine Turtle says "Hello!," jumps down from girl's hands and blows up with them all. In another clip, a man tells the Mine Turtle he is not going to step on it. Then the car with the llama from asdfmovie2 falls on him and the llama runs away. Then the Mine Turtle says "Hello!" Also, a barber quartet is seen singing, "Hello". Before the fourth member of the quartet can say his line, he steps on a Mine Turtle. The Mine Turtle says "Hello!" before blowing up.


  • In 'Mine Turtle (Song)', it says the Mine Turtle was created by Tom while doing Drunk Science at a petting zoo.
  • In the song, it was shown that Skate Boy blew up because he skated on the Mine Turtle in asdfmovie4.


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