Not to be confused with Matt Wilson



Matt Johns

Mat Johns is a friend and colleage of Tom. He has appeared in one cakebomb short as well as other videos made by Tom. Mat has one t to stop confusion between him and other Matt

Mat should not be confused with Matt Wilson, another friend and colleage or Matt Hargreaves, another firend and colleage who Tom works on Eddsworld world with.


Mat appeared in Bodyguard, where Tom's bodyguard threw him throught the front door of the flat.

Tomska's day out

He and Tom went to Bing and Matt's flat to pick them up before having a picnic where he threw a bobit across the floor as it annoyed him. He discusses umberella's with Tom on the way to a shop. At the shop Mat bought football stickers with 3 wayne rooney stickers in it. At the Alboritum he squeezes a bottle of cola other Matt is drinking, soaking Matt's face with cola . Mat then gets chased by other Matt. Later he throws a tennis ball at Matt's back. When asked if he likes lions, he replies 'I like ligers better'.


Mat was once accidentally set on fire while making a film, Tom then posted this on DarkSquidge and called it MAT JOHNS ON FIRE LOL

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