"HORSE" is a video from Tomska which shows a head horsed from the video Meanwhile 2. It also appears in the

asdfmovie deleted scenes "I LOVE IT!"


It is early in the morning Tomska,(as the morning victim) wakes up noticing something is at the side of his bed.It is shown to be Mrs. Johnson. Tomska screamed as the horse brings out his knife and killed Tomska.(Blood was shown out the window just to show it is kinda violent).

In the next scene,Mrs. Johnson was shown walking down the street pointing out with her two index fingers at JamiesFace (Street Man) as he walks away terrified and a neighbor (FunnyCatVideos) looks out his window and saw her.Next, a mother (Krystal Smith) with a baby doll was calling on her cellphone making HORSE throwing away the baby doll.Showing her cruel life.

Next, HORSE went into a horse competition and as "Mrs Johnson" she was participated as a horse.At the race,a girl (Kimberly Miller) as HORSE's rider used her.But she didn't win.Some other girl won and making HORSE jealous and starts taking the trophy away making the winner mad and chased HORSE.

HORSE is at a convenience store and suddenly saw a black horse making her mad & terrified.While she is walking, she passed by a homeless man (Georga) as he was hungry and HORSE decided she gave him the trophy and put the plastic bag of roots on his head making him not breathing.Next HORSE had no friends at a disco lounge party and meets a man (DanielJLayton) trying to act cool.HORSE gasped and brings him to the bathroom and starts grabbing out her knife and killing him in the bathroom while blood is shown.HORSE was seen in the disco lounge and everybody was impressed in his dancing skills as everyone joins her.At night, a sleeping couple (ScarfDemon & Neafcy) were sleeping while HORSE busts the door and while the couple screamed terrified. Once again HORSE showed her knife again. And she killed the couple while blood is shown out the window again. (Note: When she killed the couple she was heard saying "I LOVE IT!" as a reference from asdfmovie deleted scenes). HORSE slept in the couple's bed while ending the video.