Drunk Science
Drunk Science

Drunk Science

Animated by

Edgar Nielsen

Script and Sound

Thomas Ridgewell


Thomas Ridgewell
Christopher Bingham

Thanks to

Chloe Dungate

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Drunk Science is a short flash featuring Tom and Bing, it was animated by Edgar Nielsen


One night, Bing approaches Tom with alcohol and the two decide to get drunk. They ride a pig down the stairs then start doing drunk science and build a time machine in a portaloo. They travel back in time but are attacked by a bear, suddenly, the bear notices the alcohol, and decides to start drinking too and they all start partying. Bing and Tom wake up the next morning, both with hangovers, and realize they did drunk science again. Tom then tells Bing that this has to stop.

Meanwhile, the bear wakes up at the north pole 150, 000 years ago. He sees a group of penguins surround him and starts punching them while shouting 'Whats with these ducks!?' Then shouts 'Son of a Bitch!' It is then revealed that he is Jeff, the first polar bear.


  • There is a hobo in the house with a sign 'Will leave your house 4 food'
  • Before Bing trips over the hobo, he is carrying boxes of Boozelite and Marbles
  • When Jeff is drunk, he is pulling the pedobear face
  • Edd appears at the end, doing an advert for Edgar Nielsen's channel
  • This video was referenced in the Mine Turtle song