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Thomas Ridgewell

Date Created

October 27th, 2007

DarkSquidge is Tom's second channel. This is where he uploads Last Weeks, talky-vlogs, mail-vlogs, and updates.


DarkSquidge was first created to upload random skits that he didn't deem fit in his main channel. Then he started to upload TomSka's Day Out which is a series that started just to test-out his new camera, then he started uploading talky-vlogs and opened up a P/O box along with starting podcasts (that so far only has 2 episodes), and then started uploading his failed sketches in a series called Scrap'd Week, then started another series called Last Week and 2 mini-series called YouTube Money & Fat Loser.


  • He got the name DarkSquidge from mixing his "online personality" (dark) and what his teacher used to tease him as (squidge). And that became his online persona since he was a teen.
  • His first video on this channel that got into the "Trending" tab was "Cringeworthy Control Freak".
  • He actually opened his channel since October 2007, but didn't start to upload regularly until Jul of 2011.