graphic design

Courtney attended the Lincoln hack on the 18th and 19th of June 2011. Every time he spoke on the video, Tom dubbed a stereotypical black phrase over his voice during editing. It is unkown how Courtney reacted to finding out about being dubbed over as Tom also dubbed over his reaction, but he is seen laughing about it. He is looking for a career in graphic design, however Tom told him not to pursue it.

He appears briefly in Another Banned University of Lincon Advert on fire in the lecture room, as well as in Final Banned University of Lincoln Advert, where he plays a zombie in a blue shirt.

Dubbed phrases

Tom: So Courtney, what are you working on? Courtney: *Fried Chicken.

Tom: I in no way condone racism. Courtney: *Where the white womens at?

(The Group are eating pizza) Courtney: *Tastes like car theft.

(Courtney discovers he is being dubbed over) Courtney: *My name is Courtney and I work hard at my degree and I strive to have a good career and decent job prospects. Just kidding I bang ho's and get money.!

Tom: Courtney? Courtney: Yes? Tom: You know that career in graphic design? Courtney: Yes? Tom: Don't pursue it. Courtney: *When I close my eyes i can hear the sound of the jungle.

Tom: Courtney, what did you have for breakfast? Courtney: Watermelon. *White womens!

(Hack ends) Courtney: *Fantastic! Back to the jungle!