Bite Me is a Halloween sketch starring Tomska and Crabstickz. It features Chris getting bitten by a zombie and Tom tries to cure him. It was released on the 16th of October 2015.


While watching Season 6 of The Walking Dead on NOW TV, Tom gets interrupted by Chris who enters and warns him of a zombie invasion. Tom knew this after watching The Walking Dead on NOW TV, obviously stating that it is a sponsored video. Chris judges him and shrugs, only to show that he has been bitten by a zombie. Tom tries to reverse the bite by making different monsters bite him. Chris decides he doesn't want to be bitten by any of them, only to be bitten by a zombie again. But as he starts to transform, Tom bites him and Chris turns into Tom. Suddenly Tom is bitten by a misquito, and transforms into a mutant misquito who starts to kill Chris (as Tom).


  • A squeaking sound can be heard when Chris shrugs.
  • The song at the start is the theme heard from Picture Perfect, except it is made spookier.
  • The Hyper-Intelligent Horse Person is similar to Mrs. Johnson.