asdfmovie7 is the seventh episode in the asdfmovie series.


A man asks another man about what he got for his birthday. The other man replies "I got older!" and then grows a pair of glasses on his face, then the other man says "That is weird". The episode proceeds with the intro.

A girl asks another girl if she wants to play a game called 'catch the knife', but then the woman shoots the other one and says she sucks.

A girl finds that the police caught her son doing homework. She replies, "But where did I go wrong!?".

A muffin asks a man named Joey to eat the muffin. Joey replies "No thanks, Mr. Muffin" and then the muffin replies, "But I wanna die!".

A man named Brian asks a woman named Stacy to go out on a prom. Stacy replies, "I'm sorry, but I'm a ghost." and then kills herself.

Two men are fighting, and they take it outside, literally.

A group of people are begging for a man to not jump, but then the Do The Flop Guy appears and does the flop, forcing the man to jump. He dies.

Returning to the muffin scene, Joey is full, but the muffin still wants death, but as always, Joey declines.

A man asks a girl if she's an angel, because he's allergic to feathers. He then pukes on the girl's face.

The Sun is enjoying life as it is, but then a Saturn flies by and yells "You're fat!".

A man tells another man that he's a very tall midget.

A man tells another man to turn that frown upside down, and the other man breaks his neck.

The 'Desmond the Moon Bear' cartoon is advertised. Desmond is dead, and all that's left of him is his skeleton.

A man pulls a switch, and then everything goes in color. The man starts screaming.

A man asks another man if he wants a banana, but then they realize everything is in color, and start screaming. The muffin reappears, yelling "Who wants a muffin!?" thus ending the episode.

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