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Created by

Thomas Ridgewell

Animated by

Jamie Spicer-Lewis

Thanks to

Amy Guy
Chloe Dungate
Matt Brinkworth
Edd Gould


30th December 2010

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asdfmovie3 is the third film in the asdfmovie series staring Tom and Bing. This time the film was animated by Jamie Spicer-Lewis and one of the clips was chosen from an audience competition.


A man asks someone to look at his new dog. The other man looks down and suddenly realizes there is no dog, and the two scream at each other.

A man asks his friend Joey if he ate his sandwich. Joey replies, "I am your sandwich." and slides down the other man's throat.

One man hands a bomb to his friend and tells him to hold it. He then returns later and takes it off him before it blows up.

Before a kid can eat some salad he made, a random man arrives and starts punching it.

An angry man suddenly shouts, "Screw gravity!" then floats away, leaving his friend in awe.

Jim commits suicide after saying "Goodbye world." The Earth misinterprets what Jim meant until he hears Jim shoot himself in the head.

One man notices something on another man's face, he then punches him and says, "It was pain!"

The scene returns to the random man punching the kid's salad. He shouts, "I am punching your salad!" and the kid screams in horror.

A father tells his son not to touch a cactus. Suddenly, the son is pulled towards the cactus and sticks to it. The father then shouts, "You're dead to me!"

The man asks his wife why their baby is on fire. The wife then replies, "Buy me more jewelery!"

One man goes up to another who has a urinal on his chest. He unzips his pants but the other man says, "Don't even think about it."

The scene returns to the salad scenario. This time, the kid has resorted to punching the man, who is still punching his salad.

A man tells his friend to check out his new camera. He then shoots one of his friends in the face and realizes that his camera is actually a gun.

The potato killer prepares to step on the potato again. But suddenly the I Like Trains Kid appears and says, "I like trains." The man says "Oh No No Wait-" then him and the potato get hit by the train and the I Like Trains Kid smiles.

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