a promotional poster for asdfmovie

Animated by

James Cunningham (PivotRJ)

Composed by


Voiced by

Thomas Ridgewell

Directed by

Thomas Ridgewell


August 10, 2008

asdfmovie is a series of short animated skits. They were written by TomSka.


First Skit
(Baby Giggling)
(man takes the baby's nose)
Man: Got your nose!
(Baby giggling continues)
Officer: Look out! He's got a nose!
(the officer fires his gun)
Title Sequence
(Title theme plays)
Second Skit
Man: You gotta help me man! My tie is evil and it's gonna kill meeee...
(The other man backs away)
Man: Please don't hurt me...
Tie: (Sinister laugh)
Third Skit
Man: Hello, parking meter!
Meter: Hello!
(The man becomes surprised.)
Fourth Skit
Man on Left: Hey guy, smell my flower.
Man on Right: (guy sniffs flower) Mmmmmmm
(A monster comes out of the man on the Left's Flower)
Man on Right: LOL!
Fifth Skit
(guy presses a button labeled the "Pointless Button")
Man: Hmm.
Sixth Skit
Man on Right: Hey man.. (gets punched) OWW!! What the hell is wrong with you!?!?
Announcer: LEVEL UP!!
Seventh Skit
Lady: Somebody help me, I'm being robbed!!
Man: I'll save you! Tree powers activate!!
(The man turns into a tree.)
Eighth Skit
Man: Die potato!!
Potato: Nooooooooooo!
(The man steps on the potato.)
Ninth Skit
Man: Mmmm... Yum!
(cutting the cake)
Cake: Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! Why would you do this?!?! I have a wife and family!!
Cake: Aahh... The pain... It's Unbearable!
Man: What have I done?!?!
Cake: Aahhh... Tell My Children I love them...
Cupcakes: DADDY!!!
Cake: Ugghhh...(cake falls on the side of table)
Cupcakes: NOOOOO!!
(cake hits floor)
Ending Credits
(ending credits play)
Tenth Skit
Man on Right: Hey.. You know who's gay? You.
(The man on the left stabs the man on the right with a sword)
Man on Right: Aw, come on!!!
Ending Credits
(credits continue)

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