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2 Canadians on a plane
2 canadians on a plane

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2 Canadians on a plane is a flash voiced by Tom and animated by Edd. It is a series of clips involving 2 canadians on a plane.


One canadian said to the other canadian that his girlfriend has just dumped him COMPLETELY. The man replied with 'Don't worry, every cloud has a silver lining.'. Then, plane then crashes into a cloud lined with silver and explodes into little tiny pieces.

Next, the two are talking about their LAME,BORING jobs. One of them said that he flies planes, the other asks which one, and he replies 'This one'. The two dumbos realise nobody is driving the plane and it crashes into a mountain.

One Canadian is struggling to open a simple wrapper, but when he finally manages to open it, the plane explodes COMPLETELY.

Tom then appears saying that he doesn't mean it and that some of his best friends are Canadians. But this is revealed to be a lie.